11/12 Crêpes, Galettes and French Premium Cidre Party in Tokyo


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Produced in France since 1923, in the Brittany area ( apple valley area ), this Premium French cidre is made from a selection of the finest apples!

French Premium Cidre

French Premium Cidre

Bolee D’Armorique Brut and Doux are the ideal companion for our pancakes night

A crêpe or crepe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour (crêpes de froment) or buckwheat flour (galettes). The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning “curled”. While crêpes are often associated with Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, their consumption is widespread in France, Belgium, Quebec and many parts of Europe, North Africa and the Southern Cone of South America. Crêpes are served with a variety of fillings, from the simplest with only sugar to chocolate or elaborate savoury galettes.


Crêpes ( pancakes )




You will be in the sophisticated Paris Bali Bar in Minami Aoyama

Paris Bali Bar

Paris Bali Bar

Located in Minami Aoyama, Paris Bali is a perfect place to enjoy some wine, champagne and cocktails in an elegant atmosphere.

Paris Bali Bar access

Paris Bali Bar

Alteka Belte Plaza B1F
4-1-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato ku,
Tokyo 107-0062
Under Bianchi bicycle shop
About 7 minutes walk from Gaien Mae Station ( Exit 1 ) on the Ginza Line

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Enjoy a French Premium Cidre as well as a buffet of  freshly made Crêpes and Galettes at the elegant atmosphere of Paris Bali Bar!

Crêpes, Galettes and Cidre Party

Crepes, Galettes and Cidre Party

Enjoy French cidre and a buffet of crepes and galettes while meeting new people at the Crepes, Galettes and Premium French Cidre Party in Aoyama this November.

As the weather turns cooler, premium cidre from Brittany, France is sure to warm and soothe on a chilly fall night. From 7:30pm-10:00pm, you will gain insight into Bolee d’Amorique Brut and Doux cidres with an informational lecture ( in English AND Japanese ) as you make the most of made-to-order hot crepes and galettes.

Buffet options range from sweet crepes to savory galettes—both natural complements for the crisp, refreshing taste of premium French cidre.

Looking for something sweet to go with your cidre? You can choose to fill your crepe with sugar, butter, chocolate, or jam. If a salty and sweet combination is what you’re looking for, head straight for the ham, cheese, egg, and tomato-stuffed buckwheat flour galettes.

Expand your knowledge of French cidre as you taste your way through crepes and galettes at the Crepes, Galettes and Premium French Cidre Party.

フレンチシードルと、ガレット・クレープのブュッフェ、またエレガントなParis Bali Bar MinamiAoyama/パリバリ/バー/南青山.での出会いの機会もお楽しみください。

Price: 4,980Y + tax

Time: 7:30pm-10pm

Here is what you’ll get with the entrance fee :

3 glasses of Premium French Cidre Bolee d’Armorique Brut or Doux  From Brittany*

French Premium Cidre

French Premium Cidre Bolée D’Armorique

A Buffet of freshly made Crêpes and Galettes especially prepared by Paris Bali Bar

We will cook them inside the kitchen non-stop until 9:30pm to feed the Buffet!

A lecture ( in English and Japanese ) by the French brand manager of Bolee d’Armorique.
Bolee d’Armoriqueのブランドマネジャーによる英語・日本語のレクチャー

Your chance to drink, mingle and chat with interesting people.

Reserve early to avoid disappointment!

Limited to 60 guests only!

Feel fell free to spread the word – forward this To anyone you think might Be interested.

* After a  range of different drinks will be available on cash bar.





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