• Cidre and Oyster Pairing Party

2/18, 3pm, French Premium Cidre & Oyster Pairing Party in Ebisu, Tokyo


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Fish House Oyster Bar

Fish House Oyster Bar

Enjoy the pairing of a French Premium Cidre with 6 Oysters at the popular Fish House Oyster Bar in West Ebisu

As the weather is still cold, premium cidre from Brittany, France is sure to warm and soothe on a chilly day. From 3pm-5:30pm, you will gain insight into Bolee d’Amorique Brut and Doux cidres with an informational lecture ( in English and Japanese ) as you make the most of a 6 Oysters Pairing.

Expand your knowledge of French cidre as you taste your way through 6 oysters and Premium French Cidre Pairing Party.

Enjoy live Celtic violin Music from an American-Canadian musician living in Japan.

Violin Celtic music

Violin Celtic music

Jim was introduced to Celtic music while in Eastern Canada. He has several recordings, and has performed in Ireland, throughout Europe, Canada & the USA.
He hopes to share the joy of his music with all of you!!!

Produced in France since 1923, in the Brittany area ( apple valley area ), this Premium French cidre is made from a selection of the finest apples!

French Premium Cidre

French Premium Cidre

Bolee D’Armorique Brut and Doux are the ideal companion for our Oyster Afternoon

You will be in the popular Oyster Bar ” Fish House” in West Ebisu 

Oyster Bar Fish House Ebisu

Oyster Bar Fish House Ebisu

Time: 3pm-5:30pm

Head Shop
West exit of Ebisu station
(3 minutes walk)
TEL 03-6416-1391
Belle Ebisu M1F 1-3-11 Ebisu-nishi Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Oyster Bar Fish House Ebisu

Oyster Bar Fish House Ebisu


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Product Description

French Premium Cidre and Oyster Pairing Party in Tokyo

Cidre and Oyster Pairing Party

Cidre and Oyster Pairing Party


Advanced Reservation ( – 24 till – 7 day advance ) : 4,980Y + tax.

Regular Price: ( – 6 Day advance till Event Day ) : 5,980Y + tax

Time: 3pm-5:30pm

Here is what you’ll get with the entrance fee :

2 glasses of Premium French Cidre Bolee d’Armorique Brut or Doux From Brittany + 1 glass of a new tasty French Cidre = 3 glasses! *

6 Fresh Oysters prepared by Fish House Oyster Bar



A lecture ( in English and Japanese ) by the French brand manager of Bolee d’Armorique.
Bolee d’Armoriqueのブランドマネジャーによる英語・日本語のレクチャー

Live Violin Celtic Music

Your chance to drink, mingle and chat with interesting people.

Reserve early to avoid disappointment!

Limited to 30 guests only!

Feel fell free to spread the word – forward this To anyone you think might Be interested.

* After a range of different drinks and food will be available on cash bar.





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